Change Management

CGN Global’s Philosophy on Change Management

Most organizations can build or adopt technology faster than they can organizationally deploy it and they tend to feel that they have achieved success once they “go live”.  They can change business processes to better suit organizational needs and they feel the change is cemented when the new process becomes active. However, the real value of the technology or processes is not realized on the “go live” date or the initiation of the process – it is realized over a period of time and based on business results that are actually derived from its implementation. 

The focus of our Change Management method is to ensure that technology and business processes are implemented in a manner that enables the users and the organization to realize its full benefit as efficiently as possible.  At CGN Global, our experience has shown us:

  • Implementing major changes in the way that large groups of people conduct their day-to-day business is challenging.
  • Implementing these changes while being held accountable for achieving the business results on which the technology investments were funded can be intimidating.
  • Succeeding in complex change initiatives is consistently achievable if you fully understand the context in which the change is occurring and you focus Change Management efforts at the point that Organization (i.e., people, structure and norms that influence behavior and performance), Process, and Information Technology intersect

The intersection of the Organization, Business Processes and Technology affected by both internal and external factors creates a unique Change Management solution for each individual organization.

The CGN Change Management Methodology

Our experience in performing Change Management services of varying degrees of complexity and across many industries has helped us to solidify the following four guiding principles for Change Management and integration:

  1. Success requires that the change efforts must be heavily focused on the people affected by the change (technology projects and process improvements supporting the change are important, but they cannot be successful unless the affected people are committed to use the new processes/tools).
  2. Complex changes require a multi-dimensional, consistent, and intuitive approach (even though the change is complex, our approach doesn’t have to be).
  3. Many effective Change Management methodologies have been developed.  The optimal Change Management approach for a given engagement will include a combination of elements that can be most effectively applied to each client’s unique circumstances (our clients’ success is the only thing that matters; we help them sort through the available options to determine how they can be successful).
  4. Client personnel (including business and technology) must be actively involved in designing and implementing change initiatives (the combination of our client’s institutional/cultural knowledge, combined with our focus on the discipline of implementing change is what makes these engagements successful).

The specific approach that we apply to each client engagement is driven by these principles. For further analysis, read Employee Engagement: A Systematic Approach to High Employee Engagement

Successfully Implementing Change

In all Change Management engagements, successful implementation requires that the Change Management approach address:

  • Implementation Climate - organizational and historical challenges
  • Organizational Readiness - capacity of sponsors and change agents, readiness of change targets, and cultural fit)
  • Change Management Plan - Once the change inhibitors are identified, action plans to address and resolve these inhibitors are developed. A detailed project plan to deploy these action plans is developed, including assignments, target dates and accountability.
  • Organizational Design - The current organization and its ability to optimally support the proposed changes are reviewed.
  • Change Management Workshops  & Corporate Training - Training that focuses on the change inhibitors and targets is key to creating a culture that supports change.

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