Business Process Improvement

Streamline for Efficiency

Processes throughout the value chain of any business can no longer be looked at in terms of silos of sub-processes. A holistic, “business-goal-centric” view must be taken to ensure the processes are enabling consistency of strategic direction of the overall business. Every process affects another, and the problem many businesses have is that they improve one only to push the inefficiencies into another. The old saying proves true in terms of business processes: you are only as strong as your weakest link.

CGN Global’s Business Process Improvement revolves around Lean practices and assesses current processes and brings them to the desired, optimal state. Our approach starts with a current state assessment, mapping out the process to identify waste and bottlenecks. Our unique mix of proven methods and irreplaceable experience is utilized to develop “What-if” scenarios and analysis to uncover supported future state recommendations and a strategic implementation strategy.

We help identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the current process and reengineer the workflow and processes for an effective and efficient system. CGN’s proven business process improvement solutions apply Lean, 6 Sigma, Activity Based Management (ABM) and Discrete Event Simulation concepts.

How We Do It

We look at processes internally as well as throughout the enterprise - beyond the "4 walls" of the organization. Often, processes are not optimized unless the root of the issue is identified in an earlier stage of the value chain such as the supply chain or the procurement process. Our methodology delivers results for organizations and executives looking to:

  • Eliminate waste from non value-added activities
  • Lower operational costs from improved process efficiencies
  • Improve throughput
  • Improve output quality
  • Better utilize resources

CGN takes a unique, holistic lifecycle approach to process analysis by creating a baseline model, developing options-based scenario analyses, and implementing a cost-value option model. The analysis and reengineering of processes brings typical benefits to our clients such as:

  • Clear understanding of the current processes, associated costs and value within each activity
  • Providing the organization with the ability to dynamically evaluate alternate process reengineering efforts and its impact in terms of Quality, Cost, Throughput and Utilization
  • Return on investment of 10X or higher

For more information on CGN's Business Process Improvement capabilities, please contact:

Divya Bhouraskar
Supply Chain Lead, Diversification
Office : +91-124 4111-725/ 726