Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning is a powerful, strategic tool that integrates the various processes in your organization, helping you achieve focus and alignment among all the various functions of your company.

Supply Chain Planning is a cross functional decision making process which should be designed to reach a consensus and allocate the resources in the most effective manner to profitably meet the customer demand. It helps in closing the gaps between the forecasted annual budget and the day to day reality that organizations face during the whole year. An efficient supply chain planning process helps organizations to achieve revenue growth while improving operating margin by maintaining check over the supply chain. Once the proper Supply Planning process is achieved, next steps would be optimizing the supply chain operation model and reducing its complexity within its specific characteristics and extending the collaborative supply chain to key customers and suppliers.

At CGN India, we provide solutions for end to end (Customers to Suppliers) Supply Chain Planning solutions which includes assessments, process improvements and implementations – including areas such as:

  • Sales & operations planning
  • Demand planning
  • Supply planning
  • Inventory and replenishment planning
  • Supply/ Demand Collaboration between customers and suppliers

Divya Bhouraskar
Supply Chain Lead, Diversification
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