Project Management Office (PMO)

Better Project Management = Better Bottom Line

Poor strategies implemented beautifully are still poor strategies, while good strategies are a waste if they take too long to implement. A Project Management Office (PMO) ensures a correct, business goal oriented strategy and quick implementation.

Whether looking to manage specific projects, programs, enterprise programs, portfolios…the terms go on but the concept remains the same: assuring that projects are managed and completed to meet overall business objectives. As these terms differ in ways, they are often and usually interchangeable. The right mix and level of project management depends on multiple factors within an organization such as project management maturity, processes and governance structure. Project Management should integrate with these elements to amplify the benefits of the myriad of projects within an organization and assure their guidance toward a more profitable, effective and efficient company.

A PMO is a group of people with a mission to support project managers in the successful launch, implementation, and completion of projects and assist them in achieving project goals by sharing resources, methodologies, processes, tools and techniques across projects. A PMO provides project synergy towards reaching objectives in a timely and quality manner, allowing project managers to develop professionally more quickly than if in isolation and un-guided.

Benefits of a PMO

With an isolated project view, an organization tends to see the focus of projects being around deliverables, goals and objectives. A PMO looks at projects through a team lens, focusing on the means to create deliverables. And as an isolated view focuses on success factors of product and performance, a team view focuses on activities, processes, effectiveness, efficiency, issues, measures and best practices to deliver projects results consistently and synergistically.

Your PMO Partner

Whether you are looking to implement a PMO from scratch or to optimize your current PMO, CGN has the experience and the PMP certified professional staff to make it happen. A CGN PMO goes beyond traditional project management and plays an important role in reducing cycle time and increasing throughput by 10-15% through our proven services:

  • PMO Implementation – using a “Build, Operate, Transfer” model, we determine the tools, procedures, processes and templates that will best suit the Project Management needs of the organization and ultimately work to provide you with the tools to sustainably and efficiently manage the countless projects flowing through your organization for years to come. Support PMO vs. Control PMO
  • Project Management Maturity Assessment – in order to know where to start, you must know where you currently stand. We look at your project management objectively to determine your current state. From here, we can give recommendations for a desired future state or use this assessment as the first stage in a more comprehensive PMO service.
  • Change Management – change management is an integral part of implementation. Assessing an individual or organizational approach to change for transition from the current state to a desired future state directs the PM team in building necessary change management initiatives into the implementation plan for successful PM operations.

For more information on CGN's PMO services and capabilities, please contact:

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