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CFO Engagement Summit - October 2018

CFO's Survival Toolkit for the Digital Economy
The role of a CFO is rapidly changing in a digital economy. Hence, the CFO Engage Summit held in October 2018 saw many industry leaders including CGN Global, get together to discuss on the topic “CFO’s Survival Tool Kit for the Digital Economy”.

CFO Engagement Summit - July 2018

Financial Resilience in a Challenging Global Environment
The contemporary global landscape has been famously characterized by the term – ‘VUCA’ that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, meaning what holds good today, may not tomorrow."

Supply Chain Summit - June 2018

Building Supply Chain Excellence: India & Beyond
It is an often held misconception that being customer-centric is doing exactly what the customer demands.

Business Standard - April 2018

Attended E-Commerce Roundtable
CGN recently attended a round table discussion on "Omni-channel Retail and E-commerce Trends in India"

SCM Logistics World 2018

Post Summit Report
Supply Chain Network designs not only provide an operating framework of the entire business to guide the managements, they also examine the structure from strategic view point considering external inuences, interdependencies of all processes and critically evaluate opportunities to maximize protability.

Business Standard - Oct 2016

Retail cold chain: Will it work in India?
High operating cost of cold storage - $ 60 per cubic meter in India compared to $ 30 in the west - is one of the major roadblocks for the sector’s growth

Progressive Grocer - Aug 2016

Setting value not price
What can the retailers – especially the modern trade – do that the consumers perceive value? How can value be defined? Does this definition hold true at all times? In the new paradigm of online grocery, do the same value perceptions apply? 

Progressive Grocer - July 2016

How to make money from grocery promotions
Discounting and repeated promotion campaigns hurt the retailer as well as the manufacturer / service provider with uncertain outcomes around consumer loyalty.

Business Standard - July 2016

Pokemon Go: Are AR games the new channel to drive footfalls in retail?
Mobile games might be fads and riding them to lure customers might be more hard work, but that is what is needed to get footfalls and to then creatively convert that into sales.

Efficient Manufacturing - June 2016

Quality: To be or not to be
The article talks about the need for a cultural shift from 'acceptable quality' to 'outstanding quality' in the Indian manufacturing sector and the way to go about it

Progressive Grocer - June 2016

How to increase sales throughput
Various analysts and industry reports suggest that modern retail trade will see more than a six fold increase in revenues over the next five years. In numerical terms, this translates to a CAGR of 17 percent, reaching an industry turnover of $1.3 trillion by 2020. The share of modern trade in this industry will triple (from 8 percent to 24 percent) in the same period.

Progressive Grocer - May 2016

How to win the e-retail race
In the last article in this series, we touched upon the gains made by the e-retail industry in comparison to the modern trade in India. Modern trade, which is currently between 8 – 10 per cent of the total retail trade in India, has taken about 20 years to grow to this volume.

Business Standard - May 2016

Perfecting the art of demand forecasting in volatile market
Improved demand forecast accuracy with next generation analytic solutions are ensuring on shelf availability of product with reduced inventory, says Alagu Balaraman and Sujit Sahu of CGN & Associates

In The News - Apr. 2016

Fresh Investments in Road & Rail - What it will mean for Indian Economy?
A perspective from Mr. Alagu Balaraman, Partner & Managing Director, India Operations, CGN & Associates India Pvt. Ltd, Captured by, Various Business Publications

FIRSTPOST - Apr. 2016

Demand forecasting:
A practical solution in a volatile market

Progressive Grocer - Mar. 2016

Going back to basics
How can a retailer win and retain customer loyalty in today’s environment when the impact of e-retail is becoming more pronounced and reshaping shopper behaviour?

Progressive Grocer - Feb. 2016

The Talent Revolution needed in Retail
Can automation actually replace people in retail? Far from it. There are many critical areas where sales people need to step in to make the shopper experience more satisfying and rewarding than can be achieved through automation

Progressive Grocer - Jan. 2016

Technology Driven Profits
Today, another round of technological possibilities are coming to the fro, enabling retailers to make fundamental changes to their operations. A lot of it involves a new approach based on technology

SCMPro - Jan. 2016

E-commerce - How it is changing Supply Chains & Logistics
The core principles of logistics companies is reliable service and cost effectiveness. This is what their customers look for. This is also, the basis on of operational design of logistics companies. In this context, the approach of e-commerce companies is something of a puzzle.

Progressive Grocer - Dec. 2015

The on-shelf availability challenge
At the heart of retail shelf availability are two core processes: forecasting consumer demand and aligning replenishment systems with these forecasts.

Progressive Grocer - Nov. 2015

Look to customers, not investors
It is quite likely that most e-commerce start-ups being hatched in coffee shops of Bangalore – which are based on general merchandise retail – are already doomed.

The Machinist - Oct 2015

Invest In Yourself
Distractions at this time can be dangerous. It is quite possible that the future of the automotive industry in India depends on sticking to the knitting.

Progressive Grocer - Oct. 2015

Headed for a Cooler Future
As India wastes 40% of its produce before it reaches the shelf, the time is ripe for a revolution in food collection, storage and distribution in this country.

Progressive Grocer - Sept 2015

The Experience Premium
With online retail eating into the business of brick and mortar retailers, stores need to ramp up facilities and provide an enhanced experience to shoppers to counter the convenience and price advantage of e-commerce

Progressive Grocer - Aug. 2015

Different Markets, Same Problems
The evolution of consumers and spread of technology are the two megatrends shaping and influencing the development of modern retail.

Manufacturing Today - July 2015

Leaning in the Right
Using lean tools a company was effective in improving productivity and efficiency.

Progressive Grocer - July 2015

A hotbed of innovation
E-grocery is spawning new models of supply chain and distribution thanks to the urbanisation trends and a growing demand for lower costs and greater convenience

Efficient Manufacturing - July 2015

Driving productivity on the shop floor
These days, manufacturing units need to take a hard look at implementing programs for constant productivity increase. Productivity improvement can come from labour productivity and resource productivity, which includes asset productivity and yield. The article briefs on the areas targeted in driving productivity and waste elimination.

Afternoon DC - July 2015

The New Kid On The Block
In this year’s e-Tail India Expo in Mumbai, one of the largest e-commerce conferences in the country, speaker after speaker emphasised the need for a strong supply chain to help the e-commerce businesses.

Progressive Grocer - June 2015

Will Movers Become Shakers?
As online and offline retail players compete to drive growth and business, new models and players in logistics have sprung up. Some, like the movers, act as a direct pipe for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and work according to an on-demand model.

Progressive Grocer - May 2015

Becoming Future - Ready
Shifts in food consumption pattern are bringing about drastic changes in the food retail industry and spurring bigger value additions for shoppers.

The Machinist - May 2015

Key to Success
Succeeding in the ‘Make in India’ environment will also require that we look beyond the shopfloor and take a supply chain view of the business.

The Machinist - April 2015

Getting to the Next Level
The automotive industry has a challenging supply chain. As OEMs turn their focus increasingly to markets and sales, the pressure on ensuring supply will increasingly move to the suppliers.

The Machinist - Jan 2015

Next Stop Growth
Macroeconomic changes and action by the Government can have a big impact on the supply chains of manufacturing companies. What are the challenges CEO’s and operations heads can expect in 2015 and how they can be addressed?

Progressive Grocer - Dec 2014

Foreign Foods a Complex Concoction
Economics and demographic opportunities are in a face-off with regulatory and infrastructural bottlenecks in the imported food business.

Auto Monitor - June 2013

Are our suppliers being left behind?
The growth in the Indian automotive industry has created new challenges for industry as a whole. Alagu Balaraman analyzes the impact on suppliers and component manufacturers.

Progressive Grocer - June 2013

Getting it Back
The issue of reverse logistics cannot be ignored in the Indian FMCG industry and will gain importance as the sector itself evolves

Auto Monitor - May 2013

Supply Chain Strategising
The Indian auto sector is struggling to contain costs and stay profitable. Alagu Balaraman – Partner & Managing Director, India Operations, CGN India, shares his expertise in SCM, the auto industry, and what manufacturers can do to improve efficiencies and maximise returns.

Progressive Grocer - April 2013

Efficient & Responsive
An efficient supply chain helps lower the unit cost of each item sold, while a responsive supply chain has the ability to adapt to changing customer requirements and avoid non-moving stock.