Heavy Manufacturing

Heavy manufacturing companies today are dealing with a multitude of challenges due to an increasing number of sophisticated competitors all striving to better meet ever increasing customer demands for improved products and services with superior value. Furthermore, the global economy, commodity prices, and exchange rates also add a level of complexity in today’s business world.  And yet, with all of these challenges, businesses must find ways to improve their competitiveness, usually while finding ways to do more with less.   

Industry Trends

In order for manufacturing companies to maintain and thrive in today’s environment, they need to optimize their current performance while preparing themselves for the future. The most progressive manufacturers are assessing supply chain effectiveness and working to maximize supplier performance, utilizing sophisticated data analytics to manage their manufacturing capacity and optimize S&OP processes. They are continually collaborating with key players in the value chain to create sustainable business relationships, analyzing and assessing entry into new markets, and continually striving for more robust product/service development - often with shorter lead times.

The company-focused solutions that were effective just a short time ago are simply not effective today.  Companies must find ways to continually improve both efficiency and customer-focused effectiveness across the entire value chain. 

Proven Results

For over 20 years, CGN Global have partnered with Fortune 500 heavy manufacturers and suppliers to create innovative solutions in areas of strategy, business operations, information technology, supply chain development, supplier collaboration, procurement and product/service development. We ultimately transform these organizations to better meet today’s customer and market demands. We realize no two companies are the same, so the solutions to your challenges must be made objectively and be unique to your organization in order to turn improvements into profits and give you a sustainable edge over the competition.

CGN consults in all manufacturing industries but we specialize in Heavy Machinery, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Aerospace and Defense.

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