Four Supply Chain Areas that most Supply Chain Managers Overlook

A CGN perspective on Key Supply Chain Challenges

Improve customer service levels while controlling carrying costs

Analytics: A New Way of Managing Inventory

Inventory optimization is about finding a sweet spot between high customer service levels and low carrying cost. Data analytics is proving to be a key enabler in this area ...

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Improve forecast accuracy

The Impact of Forecasting Accuracy in Supply Chain

Good grip on demand forecasting has always yielded great benefits for large organizations. Focus on meaningful actions today derived from data analytics is contributing in handling the future better by ...

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Reliable and realistic demand management

Demand Planning has Gone Beyond Ambit of Human Intervention

Improving performance of demand planning function has always been critical for clients. Though companies keep spending a lot of time and effort on technologies and processes to improve the performance of the demand planning function, success however has been mostly elusive. To address the loopholes of existing technology and inefficient processes…

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Introduce new products faster

Supplier Collaboration - Is It Imperative to Launch New Products Faster

Steady growth in automobile sector is leading to ever-changing consumer expectations and shorter product lifecycles. To rapidly launch new products its becomes imperative for an OEM to collaborate with there tier 1 and tier 2 supplier. Some of the key areas for supplier collaboration are …

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