Consumer Packaged Goods

As the CPG industry expands its global footprint, companies are facing unprecedented challenges amplified by an increasingly global market place. They are struggling to have a consistent customer voice via their Web presence due to fluctuating messages to consumers across various markets around the world. In addition to communication, emerging markets are making supply chain requirements more and more complicated with the increasing need for efficiency. As these supply chains become larger and more complicated, the need for optimizing supplier performance, collaboration and relationship building are proving crucial to creating a true competitive advantage.

Proven Results

CGN Global has partnered with Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods companies in Business Transformation initiatives providing substantial, high-speed results. Through our expertise in areas of IT and website design/development, data analytics, manufacturing processes, supply chain and procurement we are equipped to develop your unique, sustainable edge over your competition.

For more information on CGN Global’s expertise in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, please contact:

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Supply Chain Lead, Diversification
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