3 Key Areas That Impact Service Levels & Availability

A CGN Perspective on Distribution Centric Operating Model

How availability drives inventory and service levels

Availability Drives Inventory and Service Levels

In a distribution centric business, higher stock outs lead to high lost sales which affects the market share adversely. In order to balance the inventory levels and customer service levels defining the …

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How differentiated fulfillment improves distribution

Differentiated Supply Chain to Improve Distribution

Most of the supply chains are not successful in meeting exact needs of every potential customer or market segment due to complexity in distribution. In such cases, it’s important to splintering their traditional supply chains into…

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How S&OP helps in managing demand and distribution

Managing Demand and Distribution

Traditional, planning systems only takes care of operating plans and lay emphasis on meeting plans versus action and not on “Right Product to Right Customer at Right time”. Managing right demand and right distribution requires…

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